AWIWA 2018 Owner / Operator of the Year winner Sarah Marquis has just collected another huge accolade with her business, Mollydooker Wines, awarded 2019 South Australian Business of the Year at the Telstra Business Awards last night, in recognition of their deep-rooted company-wide commitment to excellence.

In what was a double delight, Mollydooker Wines was awarded the winner of the ‘Medium and Making Waves’ category, as well as taking out the top award of 2019 South Australian ‘Business of the Year’. Both awards recognise the most innovative, entrepreneurial and high achieving small to medium business in South Australia.

Set in the heart of McLaren Vale, world class left-handed winery Mollydooker Wines is leading the way in their industry by developing and employing innovative techniques and instilling a company-wide commitment to the Mollydooker motto, “we make wines that make people go WOW through attention to detail and commitment to excellence”.

Sarah attests the award to “cultivating a collaborative working environment, introducing accountability and empowering my team, which has meant we have been able to grow all aspects of the business”.

“From the thousands of entries across Australia, only 24 South Australian finalists were chosen, so it is a tremendous honour to be a finalist, let alone the winner!” she said.

The process of transforming a family-run business into a successful global brand has been a life changing journey for Sarah and hundreds of people around the world. “It’s an exciting and challenging industry and since building Mollydooker Wines I’ve come to understand my ‘why’ in life, and that is for Mollydooker to be known as the best winery in the world. Building and running this business has been such an amazing experience and has given me the opportunity to enrich the lives of my team and many others around me.”

Named after old Aussie slang for a left-hander, Mollydooker is a family-owned winery, led by Chief Winemaker Sarah Marquis – who is a left-hander herself! So far, Sarah has seen 13 vintages of premium wine stem from her iconic McLaren Vale winery, producing 70,000 to 100,000 cases annually, and exporting 80% of it mostly to the US. Using their success to help others, Mollydooker is dedicated to sharing its good fortune with their sponsorship of three schools through Transform Cambodia, as well as their ongoing support for the Hutt Street Centre and Mercy Multiplied.

Mollydooker Wines uses industry leading data and analytics to keep track of vine growth and grape sugar content, and facilitates vineyard watering needs through its Marquis Watering Program™. This intensive process ensures the wine contains the optimal fruit weight, measured by the Marquis Fruit Weight™ system, which is the percentage of the drinker’s palate covered by the taste of fruit. In its final drinking phase, Mollydooker uses its Mollydooker Shake™ technique to prepare the wine, where they invert and shake the wine bottle to restore its full-flavoured taste.

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  1. Jackie d’Alton 4 years ago

    Nice to see Telstra are using Molly Dooker in an TV advertisement

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