We’re going ahead! But at a later date.

What a time, eh? There’s no words suitable right now to convey how we’re all feeling and the impacts we’re all living with. All we can say is, we hope you’re hanging in there.

We don’t want to clog the internet with yet another COVID-19 update, but we did want to let you know what’s happening with the AWIWA 2020.

The good news is that the AWIWA Board met online last week and we’re pleased to say that it was decided that we are still going ahead with the awards this year. Because if we ever needed to celebrate the hard work done by our women in wine, it’s now! 

However, we are going to delay things a little. And instead of a September date, we’re going to move to a late November or early December date for the awards. (We’ve held it in late November a few times now, so this is nothing really too new for us.) We’ll set a new date in the next few weeks once we have confirmation on other wine industry events planned around that time. And the awards night will be online.

Did you know that we are the world pioneers in online awards events? Yep, we were the very first! Our her-story began with online award ceremonies in 2015 and 2016. It’s how we operated for the first two years.

If you’ve been with us since those early days, you may remember we encouraged smaller regional and local viewing events of the live-streamed ceremony and (if they are possible by the end of the year) these smaller events will be the perfect scenario to celebrate the 2020 AWIWA.

We’ll be back with more information soon. In the meantime, a huge thanks to all the sponsors who have already committed to the 2020 awards and who have stuck with us to make this happen.


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