$37,500 given to Australian women in wine to advance their careers.

For the first time ever, women in the Australian wine industry have been given financial support to advance their careers, thanks to the funds raised from a wine named Hear Me Roar.

Hear Me Roar, a multi-region, premium South Australian shiraz from the 2018 vintage, was a project undertaken by the board of the Australian Women in Wine Awards (AWIWA). It was released mid-2019 and the 400 cases that were made sold-out in under four weeks, with 100% of profits going to the career advancement of women in the wine industry. It’s the first time anywhere in the world a wine has been created and made by women, to raise money for women in wine.

Applications for funding had to be received by February 2020, and distribution was planned for April 2020. However, this was delayed due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The almost $40,000 raised has now been released, and the successful recipients are:

  • Foni Pollit
  • Anita Goode
  • Sarah McDougall
  • Kate Hill
  • Stephanie Helm
  • Lisa Bray
  • Kate Day
  • Hilary Mitchell
  • Sarah Cecchi
  • Kelly Pearson
  • Leah Mottin

“Congratulations to all the recipients. We can’t wait to see what comes from the opportunities this funding brings,” said AWIWA founder and chair, Jane Thomson.

“I also want to thank all the people and businesses who donated their goods and services to bring this wine into existence. And to the four incredible winemakers; Sue Hodder, Emma Norbiato, Rebekah Richardson and Corrina Wright who produced such a stunning wine,” continued Ms. Thomson. “It’s drinking beautifully at the moment – so if you were lucky enough to get your hands on any I recommend opening a bottle and raising a glass to the success of women in wine everywhere!”


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